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We get a lot of sun out here in California! That means lots of barbecues and sunbathing. However, that also means that your lawn is at a higher risk of getting dehydrated. Not something you’d look forward to when summer’s coming. An easy to use irrigation system is your best friend and your lawn’s best friend in this weather! They give your lawn the exact amount water it needs to thrive, saving you time and money. And all you have to do is customize its settings to your liking. Irvine Garden and Landscape fixes, maintains and installs sprinkler systems quickly, effectively, leaving your lawn cleaner than it was before.

Sprinkler Installation

A sprinkler system waters your lawn so you don’t have to. It uses just the right amount of water, saving you time, money and energy.
But to enjoy saving all of those, it has to be installed first!
That can be difficult if you’re not experienced. You certainly don’t want to accidentally damage your lawn!
We understand your concerns.
We pride ourselves in being helpful as we can to you at no extra cost. That’s why we offer you a free consultation.
Just arrange a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll be there to answer any questions you have.
If you’re worried about installation causing a mess, you don’t have to!
Your lawn is in great hands. We’ll have to do some digging around. But we’ll leave your lawn as clean as a whistle!
And you don’t want to shell out for something that you don’t know how to use! We refuse to leave your side until you’re completely comfortable with using your newly installed system!

Sprinkler Repair

It’s frustrating when your sprinklers are not doing their job. They are supposed to make your life easier!
It’s even more frustrating when you don’t even know WHY your sprinklers aren’t working.
Tell us what’s happening and we’ll take a look. In our free consultation, we’ll get to the source of the problem.
We’ve fixed all sorts of sprinklers over many decades. For you, that means we can get your sprinklers working again as quickly as possible!

Sprinkler System Check Up

With regular system checkups, you’ll never have to worry about sprinkler problems again!
We’ll make sure that your sprinklers are working properly. Scheduling a check up is easy and they only takes a day.
As we all know in California, droughts happen often. If there’s one time that you don’t want your sprinklers to give up, it’s during a signature California drought!
So when that drought comes around, with regular check ups on your sprinklers, they will always be ready to protect your lawn, no matter how hot the weather gets.
Not to mention, they’ll keep your lawn looking elegant and invigorated.

Contact Us for a Consultation

We will come to your property immediately to evaluate the situation. We realize that a broken sprinkler or emergency on your lawn is a great inconvenience, so count on us! Call us at 949-577-7653!

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