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Landscape Maintenance

Irvine Gardening and Landscaping prides itself on its passion for seeing our clients come away with a smile and a brand new looking lawn.

You see your lawn not just as an extension to your home, it is part of your home. However, you find that maintaining it in tip top shape can be tedious at times.

And that’s what we aim to help you with. With over 45 years of experience, we make it easier for you to keep that lawn the way you want it to be for longer. We specialize in commercial landscape maintenance and residential landscape maintenance.

Yard Clean Up

We’ll make your lawn spotless again so that you won’t have to spend lots of time and energy doing it yourself.

Whether it’s removing pesky weeds, dead plants and other debris that keep cropping up, we’ll get rid of it quickly, efficiently and leave you with a fresh, neat looking lawn.

Also, you’ll be guided by our supportive and knowledgeable team on how to stop shrubs, weeds and other unwanted objects from appearing on your lawn and preventing your garden from looking at its absolute finest.

As part of your yard clean up, we will get rid of:

  • Leaves
  • Branches
  • Mowed Grass
  • Shrubs


With our mulching service, it’ll become even easier to look after and take care of your soil and plants.

What is mulching? 

Simply put, mulching is the covering of soil with mulch, which is organic material that:

  • Stops weeds from growing and destroying your plants
  • Keeps moisture from escaping the soil
  • Complements the look of your lawn

When you not only value your lawn’s health and appreciate it in the way that you’ve put loads of effort into caring for it, there is no reason not to mulch.

And your lawn needs the right mulch to give it that final flourish. We’ll help you select the right mulch that not only looks great but also nurtures your lawn.


Do you dread seeing big, heavy rain clouds appear in the sky because you know afterwards your lawn will be flooded?

That can be simply solved with installing a drainage system!

We recognise that this sounds daunting and you probably don’t know where to start…

With our expertise in installing drainage systems, you will never have to worry again about heavy rain leaving excess water drowning your plants and grass.

Also, we make sure that your system doesn’t just become a tool to manage rainwater. We make sure that it blends in with your lawn too!

Your Exclusive Landscaper

Make Irvine Garden and Landscape your exclusive landscape company when it comes to commercial or residential maintenance needs. Don’t hesitate to call us at 949-577-7653

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